South Africa’s small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) are often described as the ‘lifeblood’ of the economy. Writing in March this year, The Citizen says the SME sector ‘directly generates a third of the value added in the country and 30% of total employment.’

With such a pivotal role in an economy, it’s unfortunate that SMEs often operate under less than ideal conditions. Which is why HUGE TNS aims to provide SMEs with resilient, always on fibre.

HUGE TNS believes that the growing small business sector (now estimated to have reached 1.75m firms last year) should be equipped with the same calibre of high-tech ICT (Information and Communications Technology) tools enjoyed by South Africa’s large public and private sector organisations.

Indeed, the newly-combined telecoms, network and services-focused firm has prioritised the ICT needs of smaller operators by specifically including the SME sector as part of the three key verticals to be targeted by HUGE TNS.

Resilient, always on Fibre Case Study

One small business that is now experiencing the benefits of reliable, high-speed Internet that stays up and running when the power goes down is a supplier of branded clothing and marketing collateral.

Located in a light industrial park in Gauteng, this supplier to HUGE TNS itself was having to navigate the current challenging business environment while trying to cobble together a voice and data solution that just wasn’t working.

Far from Fibre-to-the-Business (FTTB), this mid-sized operator had to make do with FTTF: Fibre-to-the-Fence. With no fibre to any of the business park’s individual units, a Fixed LTE solution deployed by another telecoms operator was often down and with it went the SME’s phone lines. As most small firms know, the phone remains critical to how business is done.

“Silent phones and dead data always meant telephone calls to the operator’s contact centre, a reference number would be given and then the inevitable wait for the phantom technician would begin,” said the small business owner.

How HUGE TNS can help SMEs

Fortunately, a HUGE TNS executive became aware of this untenable situation, while also realising the potential of connecting the entire business park to fibre. With guarantees of one bill for voice and data, one point of contact and that unparalleled resilience that is becoming the HUGE TNS hallmark, the rollout began.

The message for any tenant of any complex, park or building is that if you are done with makeshift connectivity solutions and really want fibre, HUGE TNS will be more than happy to do a site survey and engage with your landlord.

The above scenario of an SME trying to keep connected to business opportunities came to light during the recent HUGE TNS roadshow. Here the HUGE TNS leadership team was reiterating the firm’s willingness to help solve any bigger picture ICT issues that may present themselves, often during what might be perceived as a routine opportunity to quote.

As Donovan Diesel, HUGE TNS Managing Executive – National Sales and Marketing, noted during the recent roadshow: “We are willing to be brought into any conversation about ICT needs.”

For the satisfied tenants of one Joburg business park, the result of this can-do attitude has now meant a renewed focus on their core businesses as HUGE TNS takes provides them with resilient, always on fibre.