What is SD-WAN?

SD-WAN (Software-Defined Wide Area Network) is a networking technology that leverages software-defined networking principles to enhance the management and operation of wide area networks. It enables organisations to centrally control and optimise their network traffic, providing improved performance, security, reliability and flexibility across multiple locations.

Huge TNS can now make your WAN smarter, faster and at a lower cost by making it more simple and user friendly. Enjoy the advantages of reducing human or manual error through a centralised control plane, dynamically and securely route traffic and create a network based on your policies and network conditions.

What is Resilience?

With a Huge TNS Resilience solution, our customers can be confident that they will significantly minimize the possibility of internet downtime. Our Resilience solutions are developed with the aid of SD-WAN technology requiring at least two active-active internet connections, which can consist of two fibre services or a fibre service supported with a secondary wireless or fixed wireless access service.

To ensure uninterrupted WAN connectivity, we use load balancing and packet replication technology over multiple links simultaneously. If your business cannot tolerate even the slightest disruption, please reach out to us for our Resilience solution.

The Benefits of SD-WAN and Resilience

corporate cyber security solution showing a person on a computer that is connected to the world to represent SD-WAN
  • Automated, programmable WAN, with built-in resilience
  • Dynamically & securely routes traffic
  • Simplifies provisioning & branch on-boarding with zero touch provisioning, less manual effort, faster provisioning and automated procedures
  • Network visibility that allows for in depth analytics with complex correlation, identify network loopholes, takes corrective action, better planning & resource augmentation
  • Administration improvements that allows for simplified planning, provisioning & operations; easier to configure deploy & manage; consistent security & traffic policies and reduces human error
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