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Step into the realm of wireless connectivity with Huge TNS Fixed Wireless Access Solutions, incorporating cutting-edge 5G and Fixed LTE technology. Unleash the potential of our innovative solutions, providing users with lightning-fast internet access without the constraints of traditional wired connections.

Embark on a transformative journey with Huge TNS, embracing the wireless revolution and revel in a new level of seamless internet connectivity.

Our comprehensive Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) offerings encompass Fixed LTE, 5G, and AirOne Wireless, supported by MTN, delivering rapid wireless connectivity that seamlessly combines the stability of fixed connections with the convenience of mobile access.

Fixed Wireless Access is available in the following mediums;

Fixed LTE

Elevate your connectivity experience with Huge TNS Fixed LTE, offering the speed and capacity of fiber optics without the inconvenience. Enjoy accelerated speeds, enhanced reliability, and broader coverage for a seamless connectivity solution.


  • Wider Coverage
  • Ideal fibre alternative

Fixed Mobile 5G

Experience fiber-like speeds with our new 5G offering, HUGE TNS 5G, featuring lower latency, higher capacity, and increased bandwidth.


  • Prompt activation process
  • Faster speeds

AirOne Wireless

This unlimited wireless solution is an integral component of our latest FWA offering. Leveraging carrier-enabled architecture, we deploy this high-availability solution to ensure seamless connectivity for our users.


  • Fibre-like speed
  • Fast deployment

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