Huge TNS corporate solutions ensure top-notch support to blue-chip and enterprise-scale clients. We pride ourselves in creating strong, long-term and mutually-beneficial true corporate partnerships.

Huge TNS solutions that cater for your business needs include:


Corporate voice solution image of PBX phone set

We offer a wide range of PBX solutions, including on-premise analogue or IP-based system.

Enterprise Voice

corporate voice solution product showing women using enterprise voice

The ideal solution for larger businesses and call centres that require a Unified Communication solution.

SD-WAN & Resilience

corporate cyber security solution showing a person on a computer that is connected to the world to represent SD-WAN

Enjoy the advantages of reducing human or manual error through a centralised control plane.


Corporate connectivity solution showing wires connecting an office

Experience higher returns with your investment in fibre with our fibre solutions.


corporate solution of cloud provided by huge tns

Experience convenient, on-demand network access that can be rapidly provisioned and released.

Cyber Security

corporate cyber security solution showing computer with lock

We offer cybersecurity solutions that enable a focus on the core business while threats are eliminated, fast.

SLA Backed

each corporate solution is backed by a service level agreement

Our SLAs are available in Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum variants, each prioritising a unique level of service.

We have a successful track record in providing corporate solutions to the following industry sectors:


huge tns has corporate solutions in healthcare

Digital healthcare services utilise technology to enhance efficiency in both public and private healthcare, resulting in patient-centered care with reduced costs and improved quality.


huge tns has corporate solutions in manufacturing

Efficient production of high-quality goods is essential for the economy. Huge TNS’s delivery of voice, data and related applications serves as strategic tools to enhance manufacturing businesses.

Finance & Banking

huge tns has corporate solutions in finance and banking

South Africa’s top-tier financial services industry relies on digital technologies. Huge’s financial sector offering facilitates smooth customer interactions through web portals, high speed data connectivity, resilient telecoms and comprehensive information management systems.


huge tns has corporate solutions in services

The global service industry is vital to the economy, and Huge TNS offers a product suite that can assist in achieving goals and addressing technology needs.

Transport & Logistics

huge tns has corporate solutions in transport and logistics industries

Huge TNS’s comprehensive digital solutions optimise operations in the logistics sector by replacing manual processes with electronic information exchange, supported by robust voice and data networks.


huge tns has corporate solutions for security industry

Huge TNS provides customised products and services for the South African safety and security industry, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity through agile data, voice and networking solutions.

Education & Training

huge tns has corporate solutions for education

Huge TNS provides essential digital solutions, including data and voice connectivity, to the education and training sector, supporting skills development and knowledge growth for economic advancement while bridging the digital divide for all educational institutions.


huge tns has corporate solutions for retail

South Africa’s consumer-driven GDP benefits from Huge TNS’s digital solutions, providing a superior customer journey for retailers and consumers through seamless, convenient shopping experiences and continuous connectivity.


huge tns has corporate solutions for tourism

Huge TNS provides the tourism industry with flexible digital products and solutions, ensuring constant connectivity for hospitality service providers. This leads to enhanced profits and improved customer experiences.