Huge TNS Business Fibre Internet provides speeds of up to 10Gbps. Experience higher returns with your investment in fibre with our fibre solutions.

The benefits of Huge fibre are listed below:

  • Fibre-optic internet is many times faster than even the highest speed copper internet connections
  • Bandwidth availability is significantly higher, and speed does not decrease as high demands are placed on the network
  • Available in both symmetrical and asymmetrical variants, dependent on the fibre service offering
  • Signal strength of fibre-optic internet does not degrade as quickly over distance allowing for a more robust connection

Our Fibre Solutions include:

Huge Fibre Flex

Provides both corporate and SMEs with flexible bandwidth.

Dedicated Internet Access

Provides a cost-effective and highly scalable solution with multi-site bandwidth determined by enterprise clients unique needs.

Business Broadband

Tap into the business benefits of over a quarter million kilometres of fibre optic cable with our Fibre to the Business (FTTB) solutions.