Harmonizing the strengths of VoIP and GSM Telephony, integrated voice seamlessly blends the best features of both technologies to deliver the essential voice capabilities your business requires. This innovative solution ensures a robust communication system, fostering uninterrupted connectivity for your business around the clock.

Voice Over Data Technology

Huge TNS revolutionizes real-time voice transmission over networks originally tailored for data with an innovative approach. Explore an expansive coverage with VoIP, a cutting-edge technology enabling users to make crystal-clear HD voice calls through dedicated channels across various data networks, including Wi-Fi, Fibre, FLTE, and 5G.

Plus symbol to show combination of VoIP and GSM in creating integrated voice.

GSM Technology

The Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) has played a pivotal role in positioning South Africa at par with developed nations in terms of mobile penetration and the adoption of advanced value-added services. Leveraging this influential technology, Huge TNS offers fixed GSM connectivity to businesses seeking a robust, reliable, and cost-effective solution for their connectivity needs. When combined with VoIP, it creates a resilient solution for customers communication systems in the form of integrated voice.

Integrated Voice

Huge TNS offers an integrated voice solution that combines VoIP with GSM technology, providing a resilient communication system to keep your business connected at all times. In case of a disruption in one voice service, the secondary service ensures uninterrupted inbound and outbound calls using your primary number.

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