“Resilience is not only a human personality trait. Groups, communities, organisations can also learn and develop a culture of resilience to ensure business success and continuity.” – Milton Herman

After the successful and practically seamless combination of subsidiaries Huge Telecom and Huge Networks, HUGE TNS enters the second quarter of 2023 better positioned to help our clients unlock much needed growth within the current stop start economy.

Our on-point solutions continue to be developed in response to changing ICT demands at work and home. Chief amongst these must be a need for greater resilience as South Africa battles unprecedented blackouts.

Road to Resilience

Indeed; the three Rs of ‘robust’, ‘redundant’ and ‘resilient’ must surely be on every technology leader’s lips as we approach 100 days of loadshedding in 2023. So, what to do? We’ll use the next few posts here to provide practical advice when it comes to the pursuit of greater organisational resilience.

The first step on the road to robust, redundant and resilient is to create an organisation-wide culture of resilience. This begins with a strong and adaptive leader setting the stage by emphasizing the need for change in pursuit of the resilience necessary to sustain competitive advantage over time.

Disruptive leaders are always on the look out for ways to do things better and this often translates into the introduction of new technologies into the business.

Targeted, thoughtful and optimistic communication by those who lead is of the utmost importance to develop a disruption mind set that will set the scene for the implementation of innovation.

Leaders must provide space for necessary change to promote the idea of organisation-wide self-disruption.

The UK’s Financial Times writes that ‘self-disruption is not simply a switch from one product to another’ – establishing internal stability and security with enterprise structure and process (and a well-placed encouraging word from the CEO) will help foster a climate where employees feel empowered to disrupt.

Remember: Disrupt or be disrupted.

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