There has been a lot of recent press about the cable breaks on WACS and SAT-3 off the west coast of Africa. While these cable breaks have interfered with certain network services, we want to assure you that your service has not been impacted.

For more information, here is a brief overview:

What do the cables do?

The WACS and SAT-3 cables are critical to South Africa’s internet connectivity. The cables allow for the high-speed transfer of high volumes of telecommunications signals globally. Disruptions in traffic flows are to be expected.

At HUGE TNS we are fortunate enough to have upstream providers who use alternative routes and have resilience built into their networks. This means that we are functioning as expected.

What happened?

The cables broke on August 6th due to a rockfall in the Congo Canyon.

How is it affecting me?

All South African networks are experiencing a decrease in capacity due to the cut of these cables. The impact of the break will vary depending on your location and the services you use. Some customers may experience slower internet speeds, while others may have trouble accessing certain websites or applications.

What is being done to fix the problem?

A cable-laying ship has arrived in Cape Town and is currently taking on the resources it needs to fix the cables. The repair is expected to take several weeks.

In Conclusion

Should you require any more information or clarity on this matter please do not hesitate to contact your account manager at HUGE TNS.

Thank you for being a HUGE TNS customer.