Huge TNS provides a wide range of PBX solutions, including on-premise analogue or IP-based systems as well as fully cloud-based solutions, giving customers a comprehensive selection to choose from.

Learn which PBX is best for you by having a look at our PBX Comparative Guide

PBX Solution Analogue PBX IP PBX Hosted PBX
Infrastructure Traditional copper wiring Existing Ethernet Infrastructure Hosted HUGE TNS Cloud
Cost Low upfront cost High upfront cost Low upfront cost
Scalability  Limited scalability High scalability High scalability
Features Basic features Advanced features Advanced features
Maintenance Requires on-site maintenance Requires remote maintenance HUGE TNS manages maintenance
Reliability High reliability High reliability High reliability
Mobility Limited mobility High mobility High mobility
Integration Limited integration High integration High integration
Security High security Medium security High security

Our different PBX options include:

A Huge TNS hosted PBX solution requires minimum onsite equipment, and is hosted in our secure data centre environment.

The Hosted PBX can easily be accessed via a web portal for improved control, visibility and access to reporting functionality.

Our IP PBX solutions use dedicated IP technology to provide superior voice connectivity.

An IP-based PBX system utilises a businesses existing Local Area Network (LAN) infrastructure for voice communication, reducing the need for additional cabling.

Our analogue PBX system is a straightforward and cost-effective solution for small businesses with basic communication needs.

An analogue PBX requires less technical knowledge to operate and maintain than an IP-based system.

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