Key Account Manager Job Spec

Job Title: Key Account Manager 

Workplace Type: Hybrid

Job Location: Cape Town OR KwaZulu Natal OR Free State

Job Type: Permanent

Job Purpose: To manage key accounts, nurturing enduring client relationships while optimising sales potential within these accounts and direct enterprise sales.

Company Description

HUGE TNS is not your ordinary telecommunications, networks, and services company. We are a powerhouse of innovation and excellence, leading the industry with our extraordinary capabilities. Our relentless commitment to staying ahead of the curve ensures that we provide cutting-edge ICT solutions that give businesses a competitive edge. We combine deep industry knowledge with visionary thinking to anticipate market needs and deliver exceptional, tailored solutions.

At HUGE TNS, excellence is ingrained in everything we do. We go beyond just providing exceptional products and services; we build lasting partnerships with our clients, offering unparalleled support and proactive solutions. With a focus on innovation, reliability, and scalability, we empower businesses to thrive in the digital age. Join us on this incredible journey and experience the power of transformation and unmatched service with HUGE TNS as we shape the future of connectivity.

Main Job Description & Responsibilities

  • Build strong and long-lasting relationships with new and existing business partners. Understand their business objectives, challenges, and requirements to offer tailored solutions.
  • Develop and execute a channel partner strategy to recruit, onboard, and manage a network of strategic partners.
  • Collaborate with partners to develop joint business plans, sales strategies, and co-marketing initiatives.
  • Provide ongoing support, training, and resources to partners to ensure their success in promoting our products and services.
  • Monitor and report on partner performance, tracking key performance metrics and making data-driven recommendations for improvement.
  • Act as the main point of contact for partners, addressing their needs, concerns, and inquiries promptly.
  • Develop account plans that outline goals, objectives, and action steps to achieve business growth and customer satisfaction targets. These plans should align with both the business partner’s needs and the company’s objectives.
  • Build and maintain strong relationships with key enterprise accounts, serving as their primary point of contact.
  • Understand the unique needs and goals of each enterprise client, and tailor solutions to meet their specific requirements.
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to ensure the successful delivery of products and services to enterprise clients.
  • Identify opportunities for upselling and cross-selling additional products or services to existing enterprise accounts.
  • Proactively address any issues or concerns raised by enterprise clients and work to resolve them effectively.
  • Regularly engage with business partners to identify their evolving needs and opportunities. Provide training on current and new products to new and existing business partners on a regular basis.
  • Present company products, services, and solutions to business partners in a way that demonstrates how these offerings can address their specific challenges and add value to their operations.
  • Identify opportunities to introduce business partners to additional services or upgrades that align with their needs. This could involve introducing new features, expanding services, or upselling to higher-tier packages.
  • Act as a primary point of contact for business partners to address any concerns, issues, or escalations. Work closely with internal teams to resolve problems promptly and effectively, maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction.
  • Work towards achieving revenue targets by identifying opportunities for business expansion within the existing business partner base. This could involve identifying new service offerings, market segments, or geographical areas for growth.
  • Develop and execute sales strategies to achieve revenue targets for both partner channels and enterprise accounts.
  • Forecast sales pipeline, track progress, and provide regular reports to senior management.
  • Identify market trends, competitive insights, and emerging opportunities to drive business growth.
  • Participate in industry events, conferences, and networking activities to expand our market presence.
  • Identify opportunities to expand networks within the business partner organisation. Build relationships with key decision-makers and stakeholders to strengthen ties and foster trust.

Key Competencies

  • Technical Acumen: Possess a deep understanding of telecommunications products, services, and industry trends, enabling effective discussions and solution presentations.
  • Problem-Solving: Exhibit strong analytical and critical thinking abilities to identify and address client challenges, offering tailored solutions to meet their specific needs.
  • Market Insight: Stay updated on industry developments, competitor activities, and market trends to proactively identify new opportunities and potential risks.
  • Time Management: Efficiently prioritise tasks, manage multiple accounts, and meet deadlines, ensuring optimal use of resources.
  • Result Orientation: Maintain a strong focus on achieving key performance indicators (KPIs) and exceeding sales and revenue targets.

Salary range: 

  • 300-400k per annum