Huge Praesidio Cover Image
Huge Praesidio provides you with the ability to take control of your companies internet usage effectively and in a cost-efficient manner. Whether you are looking at safeguarding against internet usage with advanced content filtering or streamlining bandwidth allocation, Huge Praesidio is the ultimate ally in internet management.

Huge Praesidio ensures that your internet resources are utilised optimally which ultimately enhances productivity and security across your organization.

Experience unparalleled control, efficiency, and peace of mind as you safeguard your company’s digital assets and empower your workforce to thrive in the digital age.

Benefits of Huge TNS Praesidio solution

  • Added internet security layer
  • IPS (intrusion prevention) – Praesidio works to identify and eliminate potential threats from hackers within your network.
  • Content Filtering – boasts a dynamic, powerful DNS and firewall-based content filter. This feature allows you to refine what individuals using your network can access. Whether it’s reducing the use of social media applications in the office or ensuring that staff members are not engaged in non-work-related activities, this filter provides control.
  • Bandwidth Management – ensure that high-bandwidth activities adjust resolution and demand before causing latency issues for other applications due to saturated internet links.
  • Dashboard & Reporting – Praesidio offers easy-to-read graphical representations of your company’s traffic flow through reports and dashboards, providing valuable insights into your network’s activity.