Experience unparalleled flexibility in connectivity through FibreFlex, an exclusive offering from Huge TNS that redefines the way businesses manage their bandwidth. Regardless of whether your enterprise is a corporate giant or a small and medium-sized entity (SME), FibreFlex is designed to empower you with the ability to fine-tune your bandwidth on-the-go, making it a versatile solution for offices accommodating anywhere from 10 to thousands of users.

With FibreFlex, you gain the freedom to effortlessly adjust your bandwidth requirements without contractual limitations, enabling your business to adapt swiftly to changing needs and demands. This revolutionary connectivity solution marks a departure from traditional inflexible plans, ushering in a new era where businesses can optimize their connectivity based on real-time requirements.

Specifically tailored for businesses reliant on high-grade internet connectivity that comes with the assurance of a service level agreement, Huge TNS FibreFlex not only provides greater bandwidth but also ensures competitive pricing. This makes it an ideal choice for enterprises seeking a robust and reliable connectivity solution that aligns seamlessly with their operational needs.

What sets FibreFlex apart is its commitment to flexibility. Businesses can upgrade or downgrade their bandwidth on demand, eliminating the burden of long-term contractual commitments. To further enhance adaptability, Huge TNS FibreFlex offers an additional 20% burstability, allowing businesses to cope with high-demand periods efficiently, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity during peak hours.

In essence, FibreFlex by Huge TNS is not just a connectivity solution; it’s a strategic enabler for businesses looking to stay agile, responsive, and competitive in an ever-evolving digital landscape. Embrace the future of connectivity with FibreFlex and revolutionize the way your business stays connected.

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Benefits of FibreFlex:

Image showing a flexible professional to depict our fibreflex broadband solution
  • Delivered over a 1Gbps access node
  • Provides business with flexible bandwidth with high-speed connectivity ranging from 50Mbps to 10Gbps
  • Benefit from burstability that accommodates data usage peaks with each bundle accommodating an additional 20% bandwidth when required
  • Migrate your enterprise fibre up or down within a 48-hour turnaround time with no penalties
  • SLA based solution with 99.5% uptime guarantee