Our managed telephony service  provides a one-stop voice solution. A content filter, customer network management, SLA service, firewall, end-point security and much more provide a true enterprise-quality voice experience.

Our voice connectivity solutions include:

Huge Voice

Image showing a women and a microphone to represent Huge TNS voice offerings

HUGE TNS provides VoIP telephony by utilising a variety internet connectivity mediums.

Integrated Telephony

Integrated Telephony Image

HUGE TNS Integrated Telephony Solution is essentially a proprietary integration of VoIP with GSM

Voice over IP

Huge TNS will manage and support

HUGE TNS introduces a different way to send real-time voice over networks originally designed for data transmission.

GSM Telephony

The Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) remains the world’s leading digital cellular standard.

Yeastar Hosted PBX

Yeastar Logo

This is a ready-to-go hosted solution that HUGE TNS and your firm can deploy today.


Huge TNS has Partnered with 3CX. This image is 3CX logo

Work from anywhere with 3CX and worry no more about PBX management and installation.


HUGE TNS provides full suite telephony (FST) which facilitates easy access to reliable voice communication services.


HUGE TNS provides small home office telephone solutions, perfect for small businesses and home offices.


HUGE TNS offers a number of PBX options.

Small Business Flex

HUGE TNS provides ideal small to medium voice and data solutions to businesses that require flexibility.