Step into the world of BIG opportunities with cutting-edge Business Broadband solutions from HUGE TNS. Get your business buzzing with lightning fast and dependable internet services, fuelled by top-notch fibre-optic technology.

HUGE TNS Dedicated Internet Access services are tailored to fulfill the distinctive needs of businesses. Embrace the freedom of choice with our varied packages, designed to cater to your individual requirements.

Access Portion

Line utilisations:

  • Can be used across multiple customer sites (not all 100Mb circuits run at full capacity).
  • Varies from business to business, how we created the broadband model/sharing model to reduce costs on the service.
  • 10 x 100Mb circuits.

NNI Portion

Perceived contention:

  • Contention customer experiences on link/service
  • Will always be close to 100% of access speed.
  • By stipulating a 10:1 we are saying that full speed is not guaranteed, may from time to time not reflect full speed.

Actual contention (10:1):

  • Customers share a connection to the internet.
  • Benefit from the reduced pricing points
  • 1:1 will cost at least 5-6x as much
  • Controlled by ECN so the contention never goes beyond the 10:1 limit

Internet Breakout Portion

Most major companies have internet cacheing services locally so that traffic does not need to go to international sites. Reduces latency and provides a better internet experience.

On the network, this portion is not of the internet is not contended which allows a customer to use the full speed of their link to access both local and international content.

Some ISPs contend this portion as well to reduce further overall costs.