HUGE TNS provides bespoke enterprise voice solutions to meet your unique needs. Combine the best of both worlds with Integrated Voice. Ideally suited for larger businesses and call centres that require a Unified Communication solution.

Voice Over Data Technology

HUGE TNS introduces a different way to send real-time voice over networks originally designed for data transmission. Now, experience greatly-enhanced coverage with VoIP, a technology that allow users to make crystal clear HD voice calls using dedicated channels over any data network including: Wi-Fi, Fibre, FLTE and 5G.

GSM Technology

The Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) remains the world’s leading digital cellular standard and is the mobile technology that has seen South Africa achieve developed world-like metrics when it comes to mobile penetration and the use of advanced value-added services. HUGE TNS utilises fixed GSM connectivity to businesses that require a robust, reliable and cost effective business connectivity solution.

Integrated Voice

HUGE TNS offers an integrated voice solution that combines VoIP with GSM technology, providing a resilient communication system to keep your business connected at all times. In case of a disruption in one voice service, the secondary service ensures uninterrupted inbound and outbound calls using your primary number.